Feb. 1, 2021

We Did It Joe (2020 Year In Review) ft. Mac Tré and Leah | EP 9

We Did It Joe (2020 Year In Review) ft. Mac Tré and Leah | EP 9

It's all in the title. We did it Joe!! We made it through the most unpredictably trash year in recent history! (Seriously) In this episode we'll dive into the highs, lows, and no's of the year. We've learned some valuable lessons in a year of social distancing and had time to do a lot of reflecting on how we want to move post pandemic. Oh yeah, and Iggy dropped some IG bombs over the weekend. Check it out!

Iggy Azalea's Goes Bad On Playboy Carti (4:30)
Who Had The Best 2020? (20:45)
What Song Are We Playing When The Ball Drops? (31:00)
The Biggest Lessons We Learned About 2020 (36:40)
What's One Thing This Pandemic Has Taught You About Society? (46:00)
What Are You Looking Forward To In 2021? (50:30)
New Years Resolutions (54:50)
Is Jay-Z Selling Tidal? (57:45)

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